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Discussing Legal Tech and Digital Transformation

February 11 @ 16:00 - 17:00 UTC+2

Discussing Legal Tech and Digital Transformation
Discussing Legal Tech and Digital Transformation

Technology has been the main driver of change in the legal market. Put it simply, legal technology or legal tech, has, over the years, grown to mean, not only software, digital tools, and other technologies that help lawyers and law firms facilitate the practice of law by simplifying, automating, and streamlining core processes, but also those technologies that help consumers access legal expertise and justice and meet their legal needs and expectations.

The pandemic brought massive transformation to the legal industry since it has forced lawyers to not only change their processes but also be pushed to work remotely and consumers asking to be served and meet their legal needs in ways other than the traditional.

The adoption of legal technology has enormous implications for the legal industry, with new skills, new delivery models, and a new competitive space slowly gaining traction. Lawyers and law firms should not be afraid of technological change, instead now more than ever before, they should look at the enormous upsides of making such technological leaps forward and invest in legal technological innovations more aggressively to achieve remaining competitive and on top of this rapidly developing field.

While, however, lawyers and law firms should appreciate the true value of legal tech and promptly embrace legal digital transformation, they must invest smarter and more effectively, to ensure business continuity, and to maintain profitability. For this reason there is a need to be agile in the face of unexpected change.

This one (1) hour free webinar will explore legal operations, disruptive legal technologies and other legal digital tools. At the same time, it invites professionals to a revolutionary way of thinking of the legal profession and industry and enables lawyers to get a glimpse of the countless ways in which they will be called to serve the legal industry and the consumers of legal services.